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Sunday 2 May 2021

What I Have Painted Recently

I haven't written a post like this for a while but recently I've been having a bit of fun working through some odd packs from my lead pile and even a few new figures.  So I ended up with quite a few finished items from different armies and periods.

First up are some Bedouin light horse using RKMA4 from Roundway with a mixture of Roundway & Donnington horses:

Despite the riders being all one pose, the different horses and the variation in clothing and horse colours makes the unit sufficiently interesting.  This is becoming my standard approach when faced with a limited variety of poses.

I painted the first four (of six) bases quite some time ago.  I planned to use them in my Renaissance Persian army.  I suppose they'll now see service in a medieval Timurid army as my chances of playing FOGR are almost nil.

However, it was a great feeling to finish the final pack; its been in my lead pile for years.  It's also pleasing to see that me painting style hasn't changed markedly.  With some of my older armies the difference can be quite marked.

Next are some Mongol light foot archers using a selection of Donnington figures:

I bought, painted and based these within the last month.  Shocking I know.  The purchase was brought about by two factors:

  1. I started having a really close look at the various Art de la Guerre V3 (ADLG) Mongol lists and realised I could field both bow and light foot. I have lots of bases of dismounted Mongol archers but they are all based as bow not light foot. So some new lead was in order.

  2. I also wanted more Wars of the Roses figures from Donnington"New Era" figures for some "vignette style" ADLG command bases I'm working on.   They too are all painted and will feature in my next post once the basing is finished.

Neither batch would have warranted an order on their own but combined it made a sensible, if small, order.

I really like the old Donnington sculpts.  They are solid, no nonsense figures and are very robust.  No bendy weapons here.  Plus, as with all Donnington ranges, you can order exactly what you want.

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