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Wednesday 22 December 2021

Russian Medieval Flags

My Russian medieval army is nearly complete.  I've only the basing to do on the final eight elements.  In fairness I've a few odds and sods to do, mainly command elements but these are for a bit of fun painting over Christmas.

No medieval army is complete without an abundance of flags so here are the flags I have used for my heavy & medium cavalry.  These are in addition to the two sets of flags I've placed online already.

I have successful printed these at 600 dpi on a colour laser printer (in my local library) in sizes ranging from 10 to 17 mm.  Of course painting the edges of the smaller versions is difficult but worth the effort.  If I ever decide to rework the flags I would increase the external border to make edging easier.

The flags are all conjectural as definitive information just does not exist or at least I couldn't find any.  The green versions are very "dodgy" as the Russians tended to favour red flags and standards but are provided for those of you that fancy a bit of variety.  The version with tails above is especially for those of you with a masochistic bent; cutting out the tails will really test your skill with scissors or a scalpel.

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Just Jeff said...

Very nice - thank you for sharing, Martin!

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