The Waving Flag: 15 mm Russian Medieval Command (Essex, Mirliton & Roundway)

Sunday 23 January 2022

15 mm Russian Medieval Command (Essex, Mirliton & Roundway)

This post marks the completion of my late medieval (or Muscovite) Russian army.  The three commanders below are put together from some left over figures and a pack of musicians.

I already have two commanders on square bases but fancied a few on, the now trendy 40 mm, round bases.  The flags used are available as a free download for links see my flags page.

In doing the flags for these bases I discovered another use for craft paints.  The paper flags were printed on a high quality laser printer at 600 dpi and then varnished to protect the print before wrapping the flag round a flag pole.

Sometimes, and only with some colours, the finished background colour of the flag isn't ideal; light spots, blemishes, that sort of thing.  To cover this I used a suitable craft paint thinned to almost watercolour consistency with plain water.  

One or two coats of this will easily cover blemishes with a flat finish blending well with the matt varnish.  Using multiple coats of very thin paint avoids creating unsightly brush marks and ensures the repairs blend in without further work.

After a bit of messing about I managed to combine most of the images into a slideshow (animated gif for the techncial amongst you):

Click on the image to watch the full size version.

Figures used
These are made from a varied assortment.

The mounted are based around XMED4 Generic Eastern European: Command: Mounted Drummers & Hornblowers with spares from the Essex heavy & medium cavalry units plus one figure from Roundway (waving sword). The horses are from my spares box too but are mainly Essex.

The foot commander uses two Essex figures from XMED2 Generic Eastern European: Command whilst the standard is carried by my last Mirliton infantry figure from CO32 Russian infantry, command group - four variants.

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