The Waving Flag: 15 mm Medieval Welsh Spear (Donnington)

Thursday 16 June 2022

15 mm Medieval Welsh Spear (Donnington)

These are my first figures specifically based for Art de la Guerre (ADLG).  Normally, I would base three figures on a 40 by 20 mm metal base and use two base to form an ADLG unit.

This time I put 6 on a 40 by 40 mm base because, post pandemic, all the metal bashing shops near me have closed, and I'm nearly out of 40 by 20 mm metal bases.

I painted these because I finally decided to “trim” my War of the Roses army.  It's now very much smaller and lots of figures have gone to a new home thanks to eBay and some long-standing contacts.

In ADLG the Tudors can field a maximum of two units (6 figures) and I decided to sell my ageing, and mono pose, DBx spearmen (8 bases, 24 figures) and paint some fresh.

Figure review
The figures are a mixture of Welsh spearmen (HYF48), Bidowers (HYF50), and some HYW infantry (HYF19).

These figures are fun to paint.  The detail is pronounced, making them quick to paint too.  The faces highlight well, and it's easy to make them “pop”.  There's limited flash, but you do have to drill out the hands.

I'm not very good with a pin vice, and I had to repair quite a few broken hands with Milliput.   As a result, I had to rely on paint for some fingers!  I will think twice about ordering more spear armed figures from this range.

With my first order I got a random selection of poses for HYF48 which included a levelled spear pose.  When I tested how they would fit with the other figures, I wasn't completely happy.  Nothing wrong with the figures, they just looked “wrong”.  Undeterred, I bought some replacements (and yet more figures) and Damien at Donnington kindly supplied just the poses I wanted.

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