Thursday, 7 July 2022

15 mm War of the Roses Commanders - Complete

This is a post showcasing the third, and final, infantry command base for my Tudor army at Bosworth.  The base represents Sir Rhys ap Thomas of Dinefawr, his standard bearer and livery captains using Donnington New Era figures.

I already have a set of three mounted and two foot commanders based for Art de la Guerre (ADLG) but I felt the need(?) for one more commander on foot.  Any excuse to re-use the flags I created.

Painting the birds on the livery coats was a trial.  First of all I had to figure out how to "suggest" the shape and then I had to make sure they all faced towards the figures sword (right) hand to mirror the way the flag is.  Needless to say I painted the birds more than once.

After some trial and error I painted the birds with only two brush strokes: a small diagonal line (head back & tail) with a "blob" (body) underneath.  I'm sure this will work for most birds.

Finally here's what all three look like:

The bases are craft supply plywood rounds with added magnetic vinyl.  As a result I decided to edge the base in black which looks very stylish.


TamsinP said...

Very nice command groups! :)

StuRat said...

Those are terrific!!

I envy your talent and/or persistence.

Vexillia said...

Bit of both really.