The Waving Flag: 15 mm Arab Baggage (Various)

Wednesday 31 August 2022

15 mm Arab Baggage (Various)

In between painting masses of Arab infantry of various types, I've been distracted by such things as baggage tents and command elements.  However, the biggest distraction so far has been some camels I bought at Phalanx in June.

I really like painting camels.  I know they are a wargaming cliché for baggage camps, but they are so different from horses and people. For some unknown reason, many sculptors produce really interesting faces on their camels; full of character and easy to paint too.

I don't know how long the rope halter will last. It's quite fragile, but it looks good now.  I have positioned the figures to protect it as much as possible.  However, I'm expecting it to break at some point.

Figure information
The camels are by Xyston from their Parthian Camel pack (ANC20282).  The camel driver is from Donnington (CB11) and the baggage guard is a spare Forged in Battle figure from WE-AC13.


persia said...

The camels look great. How do you do the shadows on the baggage?


Vexillia said...

Thanks Robin. The shadows are simply painted on. Add ivory to the base colour, paint a layer leaving the creases and repeat painting less each time until you have the contrast required.

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