The Waving Flag: 15 mm Arab Heavy Spear (Forged in Battle)

Wednesday 22 February 2023

15 mm Arab Heavy Spear (Forged in Battle)

This post marks two important milestones.

The first is: these units are the final infantry units of my Arab Conquest ADLG (Art de la Guerre) army.  I now have all the infantry I need including many variants and most options.  I have bought some Daylami but they will have to wait until I've done the cavalry.

The second is: I've finished the last of the internal repairs and decorating I had to do following our house move.  This means, once I get reacquainted to very much smaller brushes, I can start painting the Arab Cavalry.

These figures were painted last year, before the we moved house, and based after the move on my rare half days off from decorating.

As I reached the end of the DIY I found I had more and more time on my hands; I wasn't switching between tasks when things needed to dry or set.   This meant that I have finally found time to prepare, prime & undercoat nine medium cavalry and, now the DIY has truly finished, I'm looking forward to many "proper" painting sessions.

Figure review
The figures are all Forged in Battle's WE-AC13 Arab Spearmen and I managed to get six varied bases from two standard packs of 24 figures (plus 1 extra per pack).   I used 42 out of the 50 figures I received and the surplus was used in various command bases.

Normally, the Forged in Battle packs feature lots of variants.  With the WE-AC13 packs there are only four spear armed variants which means each base had to contain two each of two of the variants.

Not ideal but, with the addition of various command figures, it's not too much of a problem when the figures are packed seven to a 40 by 30 mm base (for a standard ADLG HI unit).  It's worth noting: I would have struggled to get eight figures on these bases.

One of the variants is ideal for conversion to a standard bearer because the spear arm is very accessible and away from the body.  I found that not removing the lower portion of the cast spear until the hand had been drilled gave the best results.

Flags to download
The flag I've used is one of those I posted in August last year. My only regret is that the flags are so narrow that it's almost impossible to drape them so they look somewhat static; if accurate.

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