The Waving Flag: 15 mm Arab Heavy Cavalry (Forged in Battle)

Sunday 25 June 2023

15 mm Arab Heavy Cavalry (Forged in Battle)

Why is it the last units always seem to take ages?  These took a while as I painted them as one group; which I don't normally do.  Plus the horses required extra work (see below).

Anyway, I now have all the core units for a wide range of "Dark Age/Feudal" Arab armies so I'm pleased they are finished.  It feels like I've finished a project and that is always good.

I have a few extras figures to paint but not many.  I'm always tempted by camels so who knows.  Now I need to get some games under my belt as these units are destined for the two day "King in the North" competition in York in October.

Indentity crisis
Having finished these I was struck by how similar they are to the medium cavalry when viewed on the table.  Not a good thing as I'm easily confused during games.

In games I routinely add temporary magnetic sabots to my metal based elements.  They are made of 2 mm MDF and magnetic vinyl providing a pleasing black under base.  They also increase the base depth making elements much easier to handle.

So the solution was simple.  Taking a few sabots, I painted a bright yellow section in the rear corner of the MDF portion of the base.

Figure review
The figures are all Forged in Battle's WE-AC02 Arab heavy cavalry.

The comments I've made earlier about the horses apply to these figures.  In brief they require a lot of work because of poor casting and worn out moulds, and aren't as quick to paint as I'd like.

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Nathan said...

Those look great. To be honest, "Forged in Battle" weren't on my radar until recently but I'm both impressed by the results you've achieved with them and put off by the evident hard work involved.

Vexillia said...

Thanks for the kind words. I've followed your work for some time and I'm sure you'd produce some wonderful work with the Forged in Battle figures but as you say there's a bit of work required

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