The Waving Flag: 15 mm Hellenistic Camp (Scratchbuilt)

Thursday 15 February 2024

15 mm Hellenistic Camp (Scratchbuilt)

As I continue with my Hellenistic project my mind turned to what I would use for a camp.  Browsing the web for inspiration was a thankless task until I rediscovered the excellent Hellenistic camp from Baueda (complete with a quote from Polybius).


The above is 120 x 80 mm and therefore far too big for an Art de la Guerre (ADLG) camp which is 80 x 40 mm.  Nonetheless, I'm sure the set could be adapted.   However, I failed in my attempts to find a UK retailer and so, inspired by Claudio's excellent modelling, I decided to try and make my own.

I also wanted to adapt the design to a more arid and less permanent look.  The latter would certainly be more in keeping with my modelling skills.

Bits & materials
The core of this piece is a few wooden stakes from Alternative Armies.  They are not perfect as they have lateral support battens and supprt struts but they'll do.

Some time ago I bought a bundle of all their five resin wall sections (12 x 5 = 60 pieces) and I had more than enough left to make the walls.  The rest is Milliput, greenstuff, paper and some matchsticks.

I didn't want to build a large bank, so I added only enough Milliput to cover the base of the resin stakes and enough to create a small bank that could be easily textured.  On the inside, I created a platform from more Milliput and added a step using a cut down matchstick.

The gate was made from matchsticks superglued together.  The post is a from a section of kebab skewer I had lying around.  The two were connected by two paper hinges.  The post was secured to the base with greenstuff.

To make a hinge, take a long piece of thin paper, loop it round the post, stick the ends of the loop together, and finally stick it to one side of the "door" with PVA.  Then add a false hinge from the same paper on the other side; leave a little excess close to the post and "tuck" it into the gap between post and door for a perfect false hinge.

Compared to the Baueda version my version looks much more ramshackle, and as a consequence, far less permanent.  Job done.

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