The Waving Flag: 15 mm Agrianian Javelinmen (Essex)

Thursday 15 February 2024

15 mm Agrianian Javelinmen (Essex)

This is the third set of units for my 2024 Hellenistic project.  They follow the commanders and the camp off the painting desk.  It now feels like the army is taking shape.  Of course, anything I paint before the KITN competition in October is a bonus as I have borrowed an army from a mate.

These are venerable Essex sculpts (MPA20 Agrianian Javelinmen).  Well up to their usual standard with few, if any, defects and a more detailed figure review isn't necessary

My usual source for this period is the "Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars" by Duncan Head.  Although it was published in 1982 it remains an invaluable quick reference.   Of course, many sculptors have used the diagrams as inspiration and over the years I've developed the habit of scanning Ian Heath's drawings as a quick way of identifying figures.

Having said that I drew a blank with these but, turning to the internet, I quickly found the above which is from "Ancient Warfare" magazine.  As a result I decided to do some stripes and a plain bronze shield.  I toyed with the idea of simulating the circular design with a medium grey, home produced, transfer but decided against it: a step too far perhaps?  The bright blue plumes are pure artistic licence: the real ones would have been a lot duller.

Finally, here are some additional photos:

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