The Waving Flag: AI, ADLG And The Madaxeman

Sunday 18 February 2024

AI, ADLG And The Madaxeman

I'm sure we have all noticed the torrent of news about AI.  I've remained sceptical, but I've found some of the AI image processing tools to be well worth the trouble. Many of my recent images have been processed with the help of such tools.  But that's not the subject of this post.

I recently, stumbled across billed as an AI assisted search engine.  I started using it to research costume details for my Hellenistic project and I was impressed.  The results are delivered in sentences with reference links and images (if appropriate).  It also says if it doesn't know the answer; a nice touch.

ADLG & the Madaxeman
Being curious, I created a few other searches including some related to Art de la Guerre (ADLG).  Of course, they all contained a reference to the hub of Tim Porter's burgeoning mega-media-empire:

Much later, I was looking at Tim's latest battle reports when I spotted a link to his 2021 appearance on the God's Own Scale podcast during which Tim describes the history of  So, whilst painting, I listened to the episode again.  The portion where Tim describes the somewhat random (haphazard?) genesis of his site was particularly interesting as was the description of his scatter gun approach to content creation and social media adjuncts.

Now Tim's been very influential in promulgating ADLG both in person and through his website.  So, putting two unrelated topics together, I wondered how the AI would go about rating the influence of on ADLG and whether it (?) could identify any important factors underpinning Tim's influence.

What does the AI think?
In short: quite a lot.  However, the answer presents a completely different picture to the one Tim describes in the podcast.  So sit back, relax, and read what thinks is behind Tim's influential website and marvel at the structure and coherent strategy beneath the apparent chaos:

How influential is
Answer from
Feb 2024 has established itself as a significant and influential resource within the ADLG wargaming community. Its influence can be attributed to several key factors:

  1. Comprehensive ADLG Resources: offers a wide array of resources for ADLG players, including detailed army lists, tactical tips, and information on 15 mm figure suppliers. This makes it a go-to site for players looking for in-depth information on the game.

  2. Battle Reports and Wargaming Insights: The site features numerous battle reports that provide insights into gameplay and strategies. These reports are not only entertaining but also educational, helping players to understand the nuances of ADLG and improve their skills.

  3. Community Engagement:'s influence is also evident in its engagement with the broader wargaming community. The site's creator is an active participant in the community, sharing knowledge and experiences that contribute to the popularity and understanding of ADLG.

  4. Accessibility of Information: The site's layout and presentation of information make it accessible to both new and experienced players. This accessibility helps in lowering the entry barrier for newcomers to ADLG and historical wargaming in general.

  5. Promotion of ADLG Events: By covering ADLG events and providing a platform for the community to share experiences, plays a crucial role in promoting the game and encouraging participation in tournaments and meet-ups.

  6. Influence on Army Composition and Tactics: The detailed army lists and tactical discussions on influence players' decisions regarding army composition and battlefield tactics. This, in turn, impacts the meta-game and the evolution of play styles within the ADLG community.

In summary,'s comprehensive resources, engaging battle reports, active community participation, and accessible information have made it an influential hub for ADLG players. Its role in promoting the game, facilitating community engagement, and influencing gameplay and tactics underscores its significance within the ADLG wargaming scene.

What more can I say apart from; "well done Tim!" for delivering order out of chaos, and, as a fellow blogger, I'm truly green with envy.


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Not a bad summary of Tim's work as a non ADLG player

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