The Waving Flag: 15 mm Hellenistic Light Horse (Gladiator Miniatures)

Sunday 28 April 2024

15 mm Hellenistic Light Horse (Gladiator Miniatures)

Here're the latest additions to my Hellenistic collection.  The figure is clearly based on the Tarantine cavalryman on page 117 of "Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars".  As the author notes: "Tarantine may already have denoted a style of fighting rather than a nationality", so they provide some nice generic figures.

On the tabletop, I like to have a mix of different light horse types so they can be assigned to different commands and easily spotted.  These shielded figures should contrast nicely with the Forged in Battle Illyrian light horse (shieldless) I plan to add in the next month or so.

Unfortunately, I struggled taking decent pictures of these figures.  Getting an angle to show them off was almost impossible.  Plus, they came out a bit dark and I spent a while tweaking them with software.  It looks like I will have to reset the white baalnce on my camera.  I'll try again when I have my mext photography session.

Figure review

  • These are HE028 Greek light cavalry with shield from the Gladiator Miniatures' range sold by Fighting15s.  The pack contains only one pose for both rider and horse; which is the only drawback but to be expected for such a venerable range.
  • The casting is nice and crisp so little clean up was required.  I paid particular attention to the face of the shield so that applying the transfer would be as easy as possible.
  • The rider is finely sculpted, especially the face and fingers.  They are a conventional size for 15 mm but the rider is somewhat slight.

Painting notes

  • The shield design is a home made transfer (6 mm in diameter) affixed with Micro Set followed by Micro Sol.  I chose to paint bronze shields for artistic reasons but if I do any more I may opt for a leather faced shield.
  • The horse is a joy to paint with well defined tack and musculature; as a result they were very quick to paint.  I wish all horses were like this.
  • The face is a bit tricky to access.  It is framed by the peak of the helmet, the cheek pieces of the helmet and the top of the shield.  The casting is fine, but controlling the brush was a challenge.

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