The Waving Flag: 15 mm Thorakitai (Forged in Battle)

Sunday 5 May 2024

15 mm Thorakitai (Forged in Battle)

Once again my Hellenistic collection grows with these armoured medium infantry.

Figure Review

  • These are Forged in Battle's WE-MH07 Successor Thorakitai Infantry sold in packs of 24.  The pack contains just the four command figures shown here.   There was little cleaning required which was nice.  I would have liked another spear pose but two is sufficient.  The shield rims are chunky making painting easy.
  • I chose them to represent armoured thorakitai and the command figures will enable easy identification on the table.  The remaining twelve figures (without command) will be for the unarmoured medium spear (despite being armoured models).
  • The spearmen surprised me as they looked very plain in the bare metal, but once undercoated more detail emerged.  Sadly, one of the spear poses has the head looking straight at the spear making painting the face difficult, but not impossible.
  • The standard bearer is a touch taller and bulkier than the others but not significantly so.  The command figures came with three separate shields and most have lots of easily painted detail.

Painting notes

  • The Macedonian star shield designs are home made water slide transfers fixed using Micro Set & Sol.
  • I decided to use a red, white and blue theme.  It's worked well even if the blue crests are probably pure fantasy.  I'm thinking of a blue, cream and red theme for the remaining dozen figures.
  • The white shields were a bit tricky, but the casting helped me create the gray line inside the rim (see below).  The only drawback with the white was the number of coats it took to get a solid colour; even on top of a base coat of light gray.
  • The tunic of the trumpeter benefited greatly from a painted hem.  Without it the hem looked ragged and unfinished (mainly due to the sculpting).

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Recent camera woes
You may have noticed a decline in the standard of my photography recently.  This is because my aged camera has been playing silly buggers and I wasn't sure how to fix it.

After much experimentation, I found that the batteries were faulty (despite being new!) and the camera is now behaving itself.  To be certain, I reset the camera to its factory settings and then adjusted the manual settings to suit my light box (mainly white balance).

As a result normal service has resumed.


TWR said...

Very striking reinforcements.

Vexillia said...

Thanks Keith. Readers should visit Keith's excellent blog.

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