Art de la Guerre (ADLG) Resources

As always use these resources at your own risk as there may be an error or two I've missed. Please leave any feedback, suggestions or corrections in the comments.

1. Process sheets
I intended these to be short term playing aids to hasten the day when I could play with just the standard QRS.  There is a a sheet on how to start a game and sheets that tabulate the factors for each of the four major processes in ADLG. 
Throughout I attempted to combine the main tables and all the special cases adding page references where appropriate.

2. Unit cards
These slice the rules in a different way to the process sheets.  Instead of a full set of tables covering one process and all unit types, a card focuses on one unit type across all processes.
Each line on the card (almost) represents a different phase with shooting in the middle and combat at the bottom. They focus on the really important things and do not cover every exception. 

3. Diagrams
A series of simple drawings, charts and flow diagrams illustrating key features of the rules:

4. Miscellaneous
Other useful documents and posts:

6. 2018 ADLG Survey
Find out what's behind the recent rise in popularity of ADLG:

7. Updates
From now on the latest versions will always be available here.  Check the comments for details of the changes.


  1. Update: Unit cards added for a Timurid army with a Steppe Mongol ally. Not all options covered at the moment.

  2. Update: Added pdf of all unit cards produced to date.

  3. Update: Page created and all download links edited to point to this page.

  4. Update: Added link to "Flank Attack" diagrams and edited introduction accordingly.

  5. Update: Added new miscellaneous section and added link to "Commander labels" to it.

  6. Update: Edited page removing some unnecessary paragraphs. Added section numbering for clarity.

  7. Update: Added evade move flow charts to diagram section.

  8. Update: Added table of movement options to Miscellaneous section.

  9. Update: Uploaded new version of evade flow chart after clarification of issues around timing of contraction moves.

  10. Update: New version of movement options. Standard move combinations edited to "Any but cannot turn & slide".

  11. Update: Corrected number for steep & gentle hills allowed in Forest terrain. Limited total number of hills to 2 (not 4).

  12. Update: Added a section to list all the posts dealing with the 2018 ADLG Survey.

  13. Update: Links for all posts about 2018 Survey added along with pdf compilation of aims, results and ADLG/DBMM comparison.


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