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Thursday 4 September 2008

Chinese Artillery

Following my post on Mongol artillery I’ve been sent a number of links to excellent resources on the subject of Chinese artillery:
  • Siege Weapons Types in Chinese Warfare covers all sorts of artillery pieces from the 5th century BC to the 15th century AD. Also worthwhile for the sections on the history of the catapult.
  • Siege Weapons of the Far East by Stephen Turnbull & Wayne Reynolds covers 612 to 1300 AD. On pages 15 & 16 the authors comment on Mongol use of Chinese artillery.
As a result of all this it appears that the artillery pieces I’ve used - see parts 1 & 2 - look nothing like those used by the Chinese in Mongol service. Then again I’m a wargamer so who cares?

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James said...

Thanks Martin for the DBA link. It answered most of my basing questions although I did not understand why there were different size units of the same troop type-for instance 3Bd, 4Bd and 6Bd. I suppose I will have to invest in the rules to look at the army lists.
What appeals to me about DBA is the level of abstraction and the half-hour game time.

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