The Waving Flag: DBMM For The Befuddled - Part 14

Wednesday 1 April 2009

DBMM For The Befuddled - Part 14

In July I posted a “how to” guide to converting the DBMM Commentary to an easy to use booklet via  the free services of

This proved popular, not least because the condensed version of the commentary used only seven pieces of paper, but it was a bit tricky as you had to use your printer to shrink the A3 pdf to a more usable A4.  Since then the service has been improved and you can now resize whilst creating the booklet.  This makes it really simple.

Anyway enough technology chat, earlier today Rob Brennan let me know that a new commentary was ready and asked if I could prepare booklets for him, and host them here, so here they are.

DBMM Commentary v 4.1.4 (Tue, 31 Mar 2009):
Printing instructions:
  1. Download the file you prefer.
  2. Print the odd pages from Adobe Acrobat.
  3. Put the paper back in the printer.
  4. Print the even pages from Adobe Acrobat.
  5. Fold it in half to give an A5 booklet.
  6. Staple it - if you have a stapler big enough.
In future I will update this post when new versions are released so bookmark this post for future reference.

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airhead said...

Very useful, thanks for posting, also great elephants over the post few weeks, great painting style, works very well on 15mm figures.

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