The Waving Flag: Islamic Persia - Progress Of Sorts

Monday 13 May 2013

Islamic Persia - Progress Of Sorts

In January 2008 I started a slow burn project to paint an Late Islamic Persian DBA army. The idea was to have an army that would do for both the medieval (Timurid) and Renaissance (Persian) periods. I've now decided to go for a 650 point Field of Glory Renaissance (FOG R) army.

Doing a bit more research has shown me that an early Moghul army is also a possibility. This all means the project keeps getting bigger but I am steadily completing one battlegroup after another. More importantly I have finally settled down to painting the heavy cavalry.

The main drawback with these has been the quilted armour which I want to paint in the colours and the patterns of the period. In October I made a bit of a breakthrough by finding a way to speed up painting the tiny quilted squares. I've just finished a commander element featuring Shah Tahmasp I.

As you can see, the flag was a challenge and I've learnt I'm not good at painting heraldic sheep freehand! Here's what it should look like:

Other than that, the Roundway figures (Navwar) were a pleasure to paint. However, and for the first time, I used a 40 mm square base just to accommodate the enormous trumpet.

Salute The Flag

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Salute The Flag