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Thursday 5 December 2013

Field Of Glory Renaissance - Artillery Redux

The latest set of errata for the Field of Glory Renaisance rules has been released. It goes part way to solving the problem with destroyed artillery. The FOG R V1.10 Errata says:
P.67. INTERPENETRATIONS. Add additional bullet after the 4th:
"Any troops can pass through uncontrolled artillery perpendicularly from back to front or front to back only"
Of course this still leaves the glaring inconsistency that artillery "vanishes" if shot at but if fought over it remains in place. See the original post for full discussion.


Vexillia said...

Removed a broken link to the errata for FOG R V1.10.

Vexillia said...

This appears to have been resolved by the Feb 2018 update to the rules -

Vexillia said...


Artillery in Contact with Enemy

Artillery bases never take part in close combat.

Limbered artillery are automatically destroyed and immediately removed from play if the artillery or their limber markers are contacted by any part of any non-broken enemy battle group.

When any base of an unlimbered artillery battle group is contacted by an enemy base in a way that would normally result in close combat, the whole artillery battle group is automatically captured unless all contacted bases have rear support.

When an artillery base with rear support is in contact with enemy in the impact or melee phase, close combat takes place between the supporting troops and the enemy in contact with the artillery base.

If the artillery loses its rear support (e.g. if the supporting troops rout or break off) while the enemy are still in such contact, it is captured.

Captured artillery [that is without rear support] that is in contact with the front edge of enemy troops in the JAP is removed.

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