Thursday, 20 June 2019

What I Have Painted Recently

I've finally got around to photographing my latest unit.  It's a group of late medieval or early renaissance mounted hand-gunners:

I apologise in advance for my poor photography skills.  Clicking on an image will bring up a much larger version which will look much better.  Even so I seem to struggle with depth of field and I don't think the dark colour scheme helped either, but I wanted a scheme that reflected the end of the era of "white harness" and the beginning of blackened armour.

I started the Essex figures in September last year but was delayed as I then ordered some hand-gunners from Roundway.   Then I had to work out how to paint them.  They are really well sculpted and cast with a significant undercut that makes painting the tabard a real challenge (see the end section).

Photo Gallery

Research Material
Both the Essex & Roundway figures are loosely based on these drawings:

The figures are noticeably different both in style and overall height. The latter can be rectified by putting a 1-1.5 mm shim under each Roundway base to balance the height.

Finally, as there aren't many  photos of Roundway ranges on the internet here's one of the mounted hand-gunner.  It shows the significant undercut between the firearm, its rest and the model's chest.

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