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Tuesday 13 August 2019

Book Shop Launched

If you look above this post, on the blog itself not the RSS feed, you'll see that the menu bar has a new item entitled Bookshop.

My intention is to feature my commercial books and publishing projects.  At the moment there are just two entries: the Poleaxed Sourcebooks for the War of the Roses and the Hobilar Archive CD.

I was co-author for the Sourcebooks providing the background historical database used to provide all the tables, index etc.  I also did the layout and final editing.

With the Hobilar Archive I coordinated all the scanning and post-scan processing to produce the pdfs in the archive and the detailed indices.

At the moment I am working on the second volume of the Archive covering issues 51-100.  Unfortunately, progress is slow as I have to read and index every article which isn't as easy as it sounds.

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