The Waving Flag: 15 mm ACW Confederate Infantry (Finished)

Monday 24 August 2020

15 mm ACW Confederate Infantry (Finished)

Well would you believe it!  The tufts I ordered arrived this morning so here are the final set of photos of my first ever American Civil War unit in all their glory:

Photography notes

  • The white background and the completed basing scheme gives far better pictures than the black background I used last time.
  • I also altered the angle between the camera and the subject so that the camera was almost level with the subject.

Basing Scheme
For those interested the basing scheme was as follows:

  • Tan Earth, 70.874, Vallejo Model Colour, diluted paint
  • Iraqi Sand, 70.976 Vallejo Model Colour, dry brush
  • Pale Flesh, 71 Miniature Paints, dry brush
  • White, very light dry brush
  • White flowers, Mick Hood via eBay, halved clump
  • 6 mm Spring tufts, Serious-Play via eBay, limited to 4-5 per base

My thanks to Steve Dean for sharing his basing recipe which I used as a base [sic] for my scheme.

Figures used
All the figures are from Warrior in Scotland whose customer service is first class.  The images below are taken from their excellent gallery.   

The rank and file stands are made up of three codes (AC5, 8, 15) which Warrior sell in single pose packs of 12:

The command stand is the Confederate Foot Command (AC20) which contains two of each of the three figures below:

The figures are true 15 mm scale and they are well cast with hardly any flash or mould lines.  The smaller size makes painting the facial detail and fingers a challenge but the detail is in the castings and they repay any extra time spent.

Finally, the flags are available free from this post.


Vexillia said...

On another forum I was advised that for Confederates the figures are best thought of as dressed in frock coats that have been cut down to sack coats.

Who knew? Apparently, the regimental tailor would have made such adjustments; I presume to practical reasons. Later in the war "roundabout" shell jackets became the most common uniform issue jacket.

One word of caution this only works if the collars stand straight up. Folded over collars being a Union thing.

I'm extremely glad the collars are so small on the figures it's almost impossible to tell, even with a magnifying glass, because I plan on using some of the above for Union troops.

Vexillia said...

Did some digging and found this article on sack coats. No mention of regimental tailors though.

Nathan said...

Very nice, an immaculately clean job as ever.

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