The Waving Flag: Medieval Russian Flag

Friday 11 September 2020

Medieval Russian Flag

At the end of July I posted this command element but with a different flag. At the time I was attempting to represent a generic religious icon. On reflection it didn't quite work. So I switched it for this one:

I have also reset my camera and have thankfully ended up with decent shots of the element without a lot of post processing.

The new flag retains the relatively sombre base colour of the original but has more impact when viewed on the table. The original was just too complex to stand out in 15 mm.

Here are three versions of the design for you to copy and print your own. They have increasingly brighter shades of red in case you really want to make the flag stand out.

In my experience colour laser printing and varnishing tends to produce paper copies that are darker than they appear on screen.

The original image is here if you fancy making your own version.

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Fire at Will said...

Isn't it Lithuanian?


Vexillia said...

Well it may be (as well) but I've not seen it in any sets of Lithuanian flags. Have you?

However the element is for some Russian allies in Lithuanian service so it's appropriate in a strange way.

Finally, if you follow the link to the original image you'll see it's listed as the flag of Moscow. I presume this is modern day Moscow.

Anyone else got more information?

Fire at Will said...

Seems I'm getting confused with the Lithuanian knight emblem, which is very similar at first glance.


Vexillia said...

I suspect George & the Dragon was a common east european motif. Then again it could be our age!

Vexillia said...

You mean this one.

Fire at Will said...

Yes, unfortunately the Danish site which had more Lithuanian emblems disappeared a while ago.

Drew Jarman said...

very nice element and I have nicked the flag you kindly posted too! Drew

Vexillia said...

That's what it's there for. ;-)

Salute The Flag

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