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Wednesday 23 September 2020

Wargaming Rules

Over on my other blog I've written quite few posts about editing wargame rules. The two key posts are: 

One word on warning, to be legible the image above is probably best viewed full screen:

There are two reasons why you may wish to look at these posts.  Firstly, you may be interested in how I go about editing rule sets.  Secondly, you may wish to find out more about a smashing set of fast play ACW rules that are available as a free download.


vtsaogames said...

I've been looking at your ACW rules, quite like the supply dice idea.

As a long time ACW buff (since 1960's), I have a couple quibbles about rating troops. I don't think Confederate infantry shot less effectively than Union troops. I do think that Steady and Determined Confederate infantry would be zealous all during the war. The rating system by year seems based on the eastern theater. Things were generally more even out west, which is where the South lost the war. 60,000 western veterans marching to the east coast, headed towards Lee's rear was the last straw.

On the east coast, veteran units mostly went home when their enlistments ran out and they were replaced by green units, so lackluster units would be present in Union forces all during the war. As the war progressed more southern states were invaded and local units that had not seen combat would be pressed into service, so southern forces would also have lackluster units. Consider units captured at Vicksburg that were later exchanged. Such units got weapons from the bottom of the barrel. Also some units were raised from mountain areas where Unionist sentiment ran strong, again making for lackluster performance.

Good luck with your rules.

Vexillia said...

Interesting. I'll pass on your views to the author.

Vexillia said...

Feedback from the author:

[1] They will revisit the ratings and look at expanding the grades across the years.
[2] Their knowledge is indeed heavily based on the East.

Any changes will not be for made a while yet due to work commitments.

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