The Waving Flag: 15 mm ACW Confederate Command (Warrior)

Thursday 12 November 2020

15 mm ACW Confederate Command (Warrior)

It's been over a year since I posted my first attempts at American Civil War generals using the excellent figures from Warrior Miniatures. Since then I've been slowly adding to my commandres and today I finished basing my Commander in Chief vignette:

For the central figure in the vignette I used the most imposing figure from AC36 (Union/Confederate Generals) and flanked him with the officer and standard bearer from AC35 (Confederate Cavalry Command).

The spare figure from AC36, and one I painted earlier are shown behind the vignette. These show how it's possible to paint different rank insignia like collars, cuffs & shoulder tabs.

Once again I deliberately painted any gold braid in yellow to make it stand out. I alos gave the riders generic saddle cloths edged in yellow/cream. I'm aiming for a cartoonish representation of the troops and not to emulate real life. Here are more photos of just the vignette:

As shown below I had a wide choice of flags to choose from, but my research showed that the Confederates didn't really use Headquarters flags in the same way that the Federals did. So I decided to go for a generic early war look with a variant of the first National flag. The general figures looks nothing like Robert E Lee so using the flag of the Army of North Virginia was out of the question.

I suppose I could have used the Cary Headquarters flag but decided to save that for later.

Flags & Research Links
Here is the image that I used in the vignette and some extras I created along the way. Feel free to download and create your own flag sheets:

First National flag 1861-63, "Stars & Bars"

Second National flag 1863-65, "Stainless Banner"

Third National flag 1865, "Blood Stained Banner"

Army of North Virginaia

For details see this Wikipedia article on Confederate flags and this page on the specialist Confederate flag site.

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