The Waving Flag: 15 mm ACW Confederate Command (Peter Pig)

Monday 23 November 2020

15 mm ACW Confederate Command (Peter Pig)

This post completes my collection of Confederate generals.  I now have three large command vignettes and five singly based generals.  I don't think I'll be painting any more.  It was nice to finish this part of my ACW project.

In addition to lots of photos I've added some comments on how I fared painting these figures.  Later on, there's a comparison of the newly completed Peter Pig generals and those I finished two weeks ago from Warrior.  Plus there's a few free flags at the end of the post.

Comments on Painting Peter Pig Figures
All the figures above and in the next two pictures come from packs 52 (Confederate mounted Corps/divisional commanders) & 89 (Confederate mounted ADC and standards). I acquired these a part of a massive swap.

It's fair to say that these figures have lots of detail, character and variety. They are more "realistic" than the Warrior figures.  Nonetheless I did not enjoy painting them as they were quite hard work.

The standard bearer in particular was a swine.  I'd hazard a guess that the flag pole was added after the face was sculpted.  As a result it's really hard to paint plus the moulding (or casting) is quite poor in this area.   I had to do a lot of work to create a face with paint.  It's a good job the figure has a beard (well he has now).

I would have liked slightly larger flag poles too.  This is because I prefer oversize flags for maximum impact on the table.  Flags this small are too fiddly.

The horses were poor.  For me the musculature was too lightly defined.  There was a lot of flash between their legs that was hard to remove and the underbelly between the riders feet was consistently messy; it's a good job it's not that visible.

On the plus side, the Austrian knots were well sculpted and easy to paint.  I damp brushed them and then simply filled in the coat base colour around the outside.

Overall, I felt that these figures are more suitable for a base coat and strong wash technique.  Sadly that's not my style and had I tried it these figures would have looked different from the others I've already finished.

Comparison: Warrior & Peter Pig
The next image shows how these manufacturers look side by side:

I think they are compatible with the Peter Pig figures being ever so slightly smaller and a tiny bit chunkier; especially the horses.

Flag Information
In my last ACW post I included a whole slew of Confederate National Flags suitable for generals and army headquarters. The one I didn't include was the Cary flag made for General Joseph E. Johnston, amongst others, in 1861. The images below rectify that omission:

The second flag is especially for 15 mm figures. I've replaced the "gold" with a brighter yellow to make it more visible on the table. This is the one I used in the vignettes above.

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