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Friday 28 May 2021

ADLG: First Impressions & Lists For Version 4

I'm still working my way through the new Art de la Guerre (ADLG) rule book.  At first my focus was on going through all the lists and the troop type costs so that I could release my list writing spreadsheet.

Having done that, and after perusing the changes document, I decided to read the book from cover to cover whilst keeping an eye on the ADLG Forum so see what issue others are raising.

Anyway I thought I'd write a little about my first impressions of the rules and post a few of the lists I've been tinkering with.

First Impressions
So far I'm impressed with the way the rules are written.  Credit is due to the author and the translator for producing a very readable set of rules.  As always there are a few minor typos but nothing serious so far.

I particularly like the way in which exceptions are clearly stated.  On first reading some bullet points, or even paragraphs, stand out as stating the "bleeding obvious".  On reflection they are are real asset because they remove any room for interpretation, or heaven forbid argument, based on other bullet points.

Army Lists
Since receiving the new rules I've written five lists:

I've used an Ilkhanid Mongol list in DBMM, Field of Glory and now ADLG and I plan to use it in my first few ADLG V4 games. It has enough basic troop types to make learning (or re-learning?) any rules straightforward.

The Timurid list was just to check if anything serious had happened with the list itself: likewise the Lithuanian list.

The last two (Russian) lists are more speculative.  I have a fair few medieval Russian troops painted, and more planned, but at the moment I don't have enough for an army.

My idea is to put together a list then buy the necessary figures.  This is a revolutionary approach for me as I normally buy lots more figures than I need.

However, at present I'm undecided.  The Muscovite list isn't that much different from the first two Mongol lists because historically there wasn't that much difference. The Bowmen are nice to have but the Feudal Russian list offers more options like Polish medium knights

For now I'll paint the heavy spearmen then order some mid-period heavy cavalry and hopefully by then I'll know which option to choose.  Then again I could get enough for both options!


Paulbyzan said...

I didn't see an entry for a Sacred Camp on the Army Sheet. Also, the total of BGs seems to be 1 higher than the numbers indicate. A Sacred Camp would account for that but I am not seeing it. Just wondering. Paul Georgian

Vexillia said...

Thanks for spotting this Paul.

There was an error which meant the sheet was always adding fortified camp to these lists whether one was selected or not. I've corrected this and updated the pdfs above.

There is an option to select a either a Standard, Fortified or Sacred camp. This choice is carried through to the print sheet without requiring a separate line just for Sacred camps (saves space).

Vexillia said...

Removed Muscovite Russian list as it's an illegal list. Doh!

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