The Waving Flag: 15 mm Russian Medieval Heavy Cavalry (Essex)

Thursday 30 December 2021

15 mm Russian Medieval Heavy Cavalry (Essex)

The four units are intended as armoured Boyars which are heavy cavalry bow in Art de la Guerre (ADLG).  Sadly many of the Essex miniatures don't have bow cases so I'll just have to use my imagination:

Here's a couple of side on photos to show the various horse variants used as well as a bit more of the shield designs (all hand painted):

This last photo highlights the flags I used.  If you like them download the images and make your own:

Figures used
These are made from a pack each of EMED27a Russian 1300-1500: Heavy Cavalry with Lance & Shield, on Armoured Horse,   EMED28a Russian 1300-1500: Heavy Cavalry with Lance & Shield, on Armoured Horse (Mail) and EMED77 Early Russian 1250-1380: Heavy Cavalry in Lamellar Armour, on Armoured Horse for a nice varied set of units that can be easily differentiated from the medium cavalry.

For variety I mixed in three or four unarmoured horses (Roundway) and one half-armoured horse (Essex) from my spares box.

One thing to note: Essex provide two very different types of Russian armoured horses: mail & lamellar.  Both are historically acceptable but the the latter didn't look right to me.  So when I placed my order I did so by phone and asked if they would provide all the horses in the two mailed variants; which they did without batting an eyelid.  I'd like to thank Essex Miniatures for their excellent service (as usual).

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Drew Jarman said...

Essex are always good like that. Its why I always give them a mention on my blog when I place a special order. The cavalry look lovely. drew

Just Jeff said...

Can you can get 15mm bow and arrow cases to add, Martin? Perhaps from A&M, or even Essex?

Vexillia said...

That's an idea but they are done for now. A&M do "EQ45 Asiatic cavalry equipment - Bow case, javelin case, axe, shield" so I suppose a special order would not have been out of the question had I thought of it earlier.

Just Jeff said...

They look the part just the same, and well painted to boot!

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