The Waving Flag: 15 mm Arab Javelin Men (Forged in Battle)

Sunday 6 March 2022

15 mm Arab Javelin Men (Forged in Battle)

Progress on my new Dark Age army continues.  This time it's some javelin armed light infantry (with medium infantry to follow soon).

I used the same limited colour palette as I used on the slingers I posted last month.  I also tried a couple of new variations based on a drab green heavily diluted with white to add to the palette.

One thing to note is that, despite using a light box, the ambient lighting in my painting room really makes a difference to how the photos turn out.  In this set the colours are far more vivid than the previous set because it was really bright when I took these photos.

Pack Composition
The figures are from Forged in Battle's Dark Age, Arab Conquest range.  Specifically WE-AC15 Arab Slingers and Javelin men.   My packs contained 25 or 26 figures (listed contents 24 but I got a bonus figure or two) of which 15 were armed with javelins in six poses.

Sadly, this pack split doesn't allow you to create a sensible number of javelin armed elements.  Why this pack is mixed like it is I've no idea but it's a bit of a pain.  To get a reasonable number of javelin men I had to buy a second pack.

The second pack meant I had far too many slingers.  Thankfully, I managed to sell my excess figures.  Had I not found a buyer then using this range for slingers and javelin men would have been really expensive.

Despite buying a second pack I still didn't have exactly the number of figures I needed.  However, I was able to "transfer" a couple of spare "officer types" from the medium spear and archer packs I'd bought (also from Forged in Battle) to get the right number of figures to do both light and medium javelin elements.  Phew!  The one or two extra figures per pack really helped here.

Figure review
As before, there was some flash and the odd awkwardly placed mould line that had to be removed.  Some of the bases were incompletely cast (gaps between the feet) but the figures themselves were fine.

As with the slingers, I found that the lower boundaries, say between the waist band and the tunic, are not as clean as I'd like for ease of painting.  Despite painting many more of these figures it's still annoying me.

Basing Scheme
See previous post for details.

Slide show

List of all the project posts.


TamsinP said...

Nice, clean painting Martin! :)

Vexillia said...

Thanks. Just wish I had your output.

Ken said...

Really nice,

Why did you decide on a limited palate with browns and whites?


Vexillia said...

Partly it was based on my reading (see books post) and partly because I wanted an early army. That is before they were victorious and had too much money to spend on finery.

I will slowly introduce more colour when I start the heavy infantry and the medium & heavy cavalry. Then again I may just add coloured borders.

Vexillia said...

The first chapter of this thesis covers clothing in the time of the Prophet and the early Caliphs.

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